Monday, September 29, 2014

Councillor David Murray Announces Endorsement of John Becker for Mayor

Pitt Meadows – September 11, 2014 – Today David Murray announced his formal endorsement of John Becker’s candidacy for the position of Mayor of Pitt Meadows.
David said, “I supported John for Mayor in 2011. I recognized then that John has tremendous leadership skills and he is a great facilitator.”
David reflected on the past three years and observed “ I have been part of a divided Council and that just doesn’t work. I believe that John truly understands that Councillors and citizens have voices that deserve to be heard. That said it is also important that when the meetings are over and Council makes its decision, everyone should respect each others opinion and realize that they are simply trying to do the best for Pitt Meadows.”
David described John as a leader who “would not let things fester, he would bring people together to air their concerns in an open and respectful way.”
David says he is looking forward to working with and learning with John’s leadership. “ I know that John doesn’t have to be at the front of every photo opportunity nor hoard committee assignments. John will be a great mentor for all Councillors.”
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